Friday, August 12

Slanted Chevy

Here's a genius. Yep, almost got it there, buddy! It's times like these that make we wonder what was going on when they parked, you know? I mean like, was the driver in a hurry for some reason? Did they squeeze in, cutting off somebody else who wanted the spot? Was there a different car parked to their left that was just as slanted as they are now, which would explain why they parked like this? Was there an emergency, and they just needed to park somewhere? I'm sure you could think of some others, but I have to give them the benefit of the doubt in this case because usually, when the driver gets out of their automobile and sees how terribly they parked, they'll get back in and fix it (that's what I'd do, especially if it was this bad). But apparently, the driver of this Chevy doesn't have such integrity (or cares).

Either way, for whatever reason, it's enough to land them on here. :)

Friday, August 5

Fusion Takes Two Spaces at C2E2

Parking at C2E2

If you've ever been to a C2E2 (a.k.a., Comic Con) event, you know that it's not only VERY difficult to get tickets, but often just as difficult to find a parking spot. However, this Ford Fusion was so blessed at finding parking that he took 2 of them!

I mean, I understand the lines aren't very bright, even a little faded and broken, but they're still there, and the other two cars surrounding it were able to park nicely in their spots just fine. Also, I don't care how much you like you're car (new or old), the Ford Fusion doesn't qualify for "Fancy Car, Fancy Parking". "So there's no reason why this Fusion shouldn't have been able to park correctly.

Now, I'll admit, I'm blessed with the fact that I have two good legs and can easily walk a good distance from the boonies, where I had to park, to the event entrance, but not everybody can say that, and I'm sure it would've been nice if at least one of those people had been able to say they were blessed with a close parking space. But in this case, not unless you were riding a motorcycle.

So anyway, congratulations Fusion, you've earned the title of "Bad Parker". Wear it with honor...or arrogance, whichever suits you best.

Thursday, July 28

Bad Prius

A red Toyota Prius is taking up 2 parking spaces, WELL over the line behind it.

What was the Driver of this Prius Thinking?

The other day, while my wife and I were walking our dog through a residential area, we saw this red, Toyota Prius, parked in such a way where it's either saving a spot for somebody else who will arrive later, or just doesn't care that it's taking up 2 spaces. Clearly over the line dividing the spots. Was he backing in and didn't realize he'd gone over? Was he pulling in forward and thought he was far enough forward, because it's really not the large of a car? I guess we'll never know. But his bad parking earned a spot on this website.

Congratulations, owner of the red Prius. You are officially a bad parker.

Friday, July 3

Big and Small

I thought this was hilarious when I saw it. 

Of all cars to not be able to make it into the middle of the space, one of the last I'm sure you'd think about is a Cooper Mini. If you're not familiar with the Cooper Mini, it happens to be one of the smaller compact (sub-compact?) cars on the market. I actually drove a car like this in Tokyo, and they really are small. So there's really no reason for not being able to do a good parking job.

I'm also a person who sees faces everywhere, and when you take a close look at the front of this little mini, it doesn't look too happy about being parked there, or in that spot like that, either.

And what's even funnier is that the truck on its side was able to park in its lane just fine, but yet this Mini couldn't. Hilarious.  :)